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Address: 180 Attercliffe Road, Unit 7, Sheffield, S4 7WZ  


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Please see our Company certificate, UKAS accreditation certificate, latest UKAS schedule and Policy on decision rules.

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Health and Safety 

At Sheffield Calibration Services Ltd we recognise that the industries we provide a service for judge companies by their policies and actions on Health and Safety matters. A good Health and Safety record is at the forefront of our thinking, therefore, we provide and maintain '5S' controlled laboratories above and beyond what is required in the Health and Safety at work act (1974). We have safe systems of work in place to minimise the risks concerning handling and storage. We provide PPE and use less hazardous substances (COSSH). We also operate a strict No smoking policy on our premises.

Equal Opportunities

Sheffield Calibration Services Ltd provides equal opportunities for all current and future employees regardless of race, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and any other minority status protected by discriminatory laws within the UK.


Sheffield Calibration Services Ltd management and staff are committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment. Waste and unnecessary travel is encouraged to be kept to a minimum, energy efficient equipment and lighting is used where possible, companies also committed to the environment are favoured when forming part of our supply chain. 

Modern Slavery

The modern slavery act does not apply to Sheffield Calibration but we understand that a number of our customers may want to see our commitment to the Act.  Therefore the laboratory will adhere to the following, The Company will not tolerate any form of modern slavery within its own operations, within operations forming part of our supply chains or with clients using the services of Sheffield Calibration Services. Within the company, the laboratory manager is responsible for encouraging openness within the workplace and for staff to report any concerns. Concerns over customers or companies that form part of our supply chain will form part of a further investigation that could lead to cease of trading with the company involved.