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Measurement is Knowledge

Why Calibrate?

Calibration determines accuracy

It provides you with the knowledge and confidence of how accurately your equipment functions. The calibration will always be performed against a known reference standard with a greater accuracy.

Calibration establishes reliability

Regular calibrations allow you to build an historical record to provide the evidence of how reliable the instrument is.

Calibration minimises uncertainty

The Measurements are traceable through an unbroken chain of comparisons relating to the instruments highest known standard. These standards are maintained by the relevant national measurement Institute.

Calibration laboratories are key in the this process and in order to guarantee confidence that Sheffield Calibration Services can provide a high performance for every calibration, we are audited annually by the internationally recognised accreditation body, UKAS. UKAS assess Sheffield Calibration Services Ltd to BS EN ISO 17025 the international standard for the operation of a dimensional and Testing laboratory. This standard covers both technical and management competencies and accreditation to this standard is the proof that these competencies have been met. Accreditation to ISO17025 also means our quality management systems meet the principles of ISO9001.